Are you a Working Professional?


  • We are an Online Theatre Community specifically designed for you.

  • We operate only on the Weekends.

  • Production Language(s) : Hindi/English 

  • Beginners are encouraged to take up this life adventure.

Make your Weekends count!

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Membership Fee

Rs 9000/-

Rs 4500/-

for upto 5 slots only

  • 6+ hours of Live Stage Acting Workshop with assignments​

  • 1 Online Performance 

  • 8+ hours of rehearsals, working with Director, set design, dress rehearsals

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100% Money Back

A promise made must be a promise kept.

If we fail to fulfil any of our promise, we refund 100% of your fee.

What you will get in 4 weeks:

  • One "Acting From Home" Performance video featuring you*

  • Minimum 6 hours of Stage Acting Training

  • Minimum 8 hours of Theatre Group Meetings & SHINDIG Events.

* Provided you make yourself available on the weekends.


Let's Get Started!

What do you expect to gain from Fireweavers Online Theatre Community?

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"Experience the magic of community"


Arts Education

"Highly recommend it to all beginners. This place is very realistic and reasonable."


IT Staffing

"Shed your inhibitions, fears and build your confidence as an Individual."